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About the program

What is the Startup Visa Program?

The Start-Up Visa program is a fast-track program granting permanent residence to immigrant entrepreneurs who want to start a business in Canada. Have an innovative start-up idea and looking to relocate in Canada ? This program might be for you!


A fast-track route to permanent residence
Applicants are not required to invest any of their own money

If their Canadian start-up is unsuccessful, individuals granted permanent residence through this program will keep it.

Coming to Canada faster

Possibility to get a work permit to come to Canada before obtaining the permanent residence

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Who can apply?


If coming from a designated Canadian venture capital fund, the investment must be at least $200,000. If coming from an angel investor group, it should be at least $75,000. Applicants who are accepted into a Canadian business incubator program do not need to secure any investment;


Show that the business meets ownership requirements


Plan to settle in a province other than the Province of Quebec


Meet minimum language requirements in English or French (CLB 5 in all abilities)

Personal Funds

Have sufficient funds to settle in Canada (eg. for a family of 3, required funds would be about CAD $20,000)


Prove that the business is supported through a designated organization

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