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What is the US EB-5 Program?

The US EB-5 program offers wealthy investors a simple and hassle-free route to the green card. The program requires the applicant to make an at-risk investment in a commercial enterprise in the US and create at least ten full-time jobs for US citizens or permanent residents.

The program grants conditional permanent residence in two years, which means the investor, spouse, and dependent children aged below 21 years begin enjoying all the rights and privileges available to green card holders within just two years.

Successful applicants enjoy the right to live, work, study, or even retire in the US. Children of the applicants can study as an in-state student and get a job, start a business, or setup a startup without any of the restrictions applicable to foreign students.

Who can apply?

No minimum net worth requirements.

An accredited investor status may be necessary for participating in an EB-5 Regional Center project, although the law provides for exemption from this requirement as well.

Business Experience

No business experience requirement.


$1.05 million investment in an existing or new commercial enterprise in the US. If investing in a Targeted Employment Area, then the minimum investment is reduced to $800,000.

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Why choose the EB-5 Program?

Settle in the world’s most-developed country

The program offers a fast-track route to green card in the world’s most developed country.

Combine business investment with immigration

Invest in a business with potential to earn attractive returns with the option of even recovering your investment after qualifying for the green card.

Contribute to the economy

Create jobs in the US and start your immigration journey on a positive note.

Reliable and Transparent

A program setup and managed by the government with transparent management, clear oversight, and an excellent track record. 

The EB-5 has gone through unprecedented shifts in June and July 2021, which leaves investors with very interesting windows of opportunity.

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