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Imagine you’ve just woken up in a massive dormitory, surrounded on all sides by your competitors. Outlast them all and the spoils of victory will be yours. Fail, and, well, you won’t end up dead but your immigration dreams just might be. 

Like the participants in the TV show Squid Game, you’re here to win. Not a giant ball of cash, but a better future in Canada. Home of the moose and maple syrup, funny red-suited cops and lots of snow. 

While the stereotypes may be overblown (We have lovely hot summers too!), Canada is a special place. The most special place in the world according to the 2021 Best Countries Report, which ranked Canada number one thanks to its quality of life, job market, human rights, anti-corruption practices and respect for property rights. 

Canada isn’t perfect, but it is prosperous and friendly. It’s where you want to raise your kids, and start that business you’ve been dreaming of. No one cares where you came from in Canada, only that you’re here. 

The visa that lets you start your own business

Let’s say you’re sold on moving to Canada — and if you’re not a few minutes of googling ought to do the trick — how do you get here? You may have heard horror stories about long wait times and confusing processes. Is Canada a real option for your family, or little more than a glistening mirage in the desert? 

That’s where the startup visa comes in, a program that grants permanent residence to immigrant entrepreneurs who want to start an innovative business in Canada. 

One of the fastest ways to access Canadian permanent residency, this program could help make your dreams come true. And you won’t have to betray your bunkmate or eliminate your rivals to win this game. 

The startup visa is:

  • One of the only remaining business immigration programs in Canada;
  • A program with no minimum net worth requirement;
  • A pathway to Canadian citizenship;
  • Even if the business is not fully successful, you won’t lose your permanent residency;
  • Unlike most provincial nominee programs, you don’t need to run the business for years before receiving your permanent residency;
  • As a federal program, there is no requirement to first be selected by the province, speeding things up considerably
  • Possibility of receiving a work permit before obtaining your permanent residence, which will help you to come to Canada faster.

Incubating your business to success

The startup visa has a few streams, one of them being the business incubator stream. It is the only startup visa option with no minimum investment required, and has a very good success rate. 

The Start-Up Visa Program is geared towards people who already have a business idea that they want to develop in Canada, but what if you’re not so sure what type of business would be best? At Exeo, we can help you choose the right idea that will give you the best chance to succeed in Canada.

You’ll need a business plan, proof of concept and lots of confidence to win this game — but most of all you need to be prepared. Putting together a compelling pitch can be a challenge, and it’s always tough to know what factors might win over the people who will be reviewing your application. Not to mention assembling the necessary documents for the rest of your paper-based application. 

A good place to start is our Canada start-up visa guide. It’ll help you get the ball rolling, and if you decide you’re ready to team up with a professional who can help nail your application, reach out to the Exeo team today. We’ll work with you every step of the way to make your dream come true. 

Just like in Squid Game, this process requires courage and determination, but the potential rewards are immense. 

Are you ready to seize hold of your destiny with both hands?

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