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As borders evolve and become more complex to navigate, an increasing number of families and individuals are seeking additional mobility options through immigrant investor programs around the world.

These programs enable an investor to acquire permanent residence in a new country and enjoy the benefits of residency or citizenship for themselves and their immediate family. In this respect, the Portuguese Golden Resident Visa is a clear leader worldwide. 

And why is that?

We can start answering this question by pointing out the following 5 reasons on why to choose the Portuguese program: 

Every investment is 100% profitable, unique and without government fees of tens of thousands of euros:

in the Portuguese program, there are no government donations without return, nor need to do additional investments to ensure eligibility for the program. Besides, some European programs have administrative fees that go around €40,000.00.


Diversity of investments:

the Portuguese program offers a very large diversity of investments available for the investor to choose from, unlike other European countries that have a much more limited amount of options.

The investor can choose between the following investment options:

  • Real estate investments ranging from €280,000.00 to €500,000.00 (depending on the type of property, its state of conservation and location)
  • Equity investments in bank deposits, investment funds and venture capital and other funds 
  • Job creation and investment in the Portuguese business structure.


Short period of stay in Portuguese territory:

7 days in the first year and 14 days in the two following two-year periods. This is the minimum length of stay in Portuguese territory that the investor and his/her family need to respect in order to maintain their legal residence for 5 years, and subsequently be eligible for citizenship.


Obtaining citizenship after a short period of time and only with temporary residence:

5 years of legal residence, temporary or permanent, is what is necessary to obtain Portuguese citizenship. You also have to fulfill other requirements like: not having a criminal record and basic knowledge of the Portuguese language. In many European countries, citizenship requires a longer period of residence or, at least, a period of 5 years of permanent residence.


Program stability:

the Portuguese program has the same investment structure and has been active since October 2012. Despite government and parliamentary changes, this program continues to be stable, unlike other European programs which have suffered radical changes or suspensions in the investments.


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