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How many points do you need to qualify for the Quebec Entrepreneur Program? How does the point system work? Learn all about how you can immigrate to Quebec with our simple guide to the Quebec Entrepreneur Program point system.

How Many Points is Each of the Criteria Worth?

The QEP immigration program’s point system is divided into 7 main categories for Stream 1 applicants:

(i.e. education)
(i.e. as a manager)
Language proficiency
Family members
and your stay in Quebec
Financial autonomy
Business project

For Stream 2 applicants, there are two additional categories: deposit amount and net worth.
We’ll explore further differences between these two streams later on in the article.

It’s important to understand that not all categories are equal when it comes to the QEP. To start, every category has a different “weight” depending on the total number of potential points to be earned. Some categories, like financial autonomy, are binary: in this case, you get 1 point if you submit the required proof of funds, and 0 if you do not or cannot.

Other categories operate as a scale: the better-suited you are to be a business owner in Quebec, the more points you can score. Take the language proficiency category as an example: since the province of Quebec values the ability to speak French, foreign nationals who are fluent in French have the opportunity to earn more points (a maximum of 16) compared to those who are fluent in English (a maximum of 6).

How Exactly Are the Points Used?

Points are awarded based on what the province of Quebec sees as a prime immigration candidate. Bearing in mind that the Quebec Entrepreneur Program is looking for people who are fit to acquire a business or start a business, here are a couple of examples of how different criteria are valued within their respective categories:


People between ages 18 and 45 score the most points (10), since these years are largely regarded as your prime working years. Every year above 45 knocks 2 points off, until you reach 0 points at age 50.

Language proficiency

An applicant will only start earning points for French proficiency if their language test score is level 7 or higher. Anything below that will earn you no points. This applies to both oral and written scores. The scoring for English proficiency is nearly identical.


A general high school diploma is the minimum requirement for both streams. The QEP is looking for educated foreign nationals to operate their business in Quebec.

Different Point Thresholds and Requirements

Stream 1 and Stream 2 have different minimum point requirements to be eligible for the QEP. While Stream 1 is focused on new businesses or start-ups created in Quebec with the help of an incubator, accelerator, or university, Stream 2 is for businesses that are owned or acquired by the operator.

Stream 1 requirements
  • Minimum of 41 points across all categories
  • High school general diploma
  • Proof of financial self-sufficiency
  • Service offer from a business accelerator, incubator, or university confirming the viability of your business project
Stream 2 requirements
  • Minimum of 81 points across all categories
  • High school general diploma
  • Proof of financial self-sufficiency
  • Demonstration of the viability of your business project
  • Deposit of $300,000 for projects within the Greater Montreal Area (GMA), and $200,000 for projects outside the GMA
  • Need to control at least 25% of the company (for business owners) or 51% of the company (for existing enterprises acquired by the applicant)

Implications of the Point System

As long as you meet the minimum points threshold for each of the QEP’s categories, it’s always possible to make up for some of your “shortcomings” as a candidate. For example, if your French proficiency is low but you have an excellent education and are of prime working age, you will be on your way to making the overall minimum score. You’ll also need to make sure to submit the necessary paperwork for certain categories to avoid being disqualified as an applicant.

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