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Express Entry is a highly-complicated process where applicants create a profile, enter the EE pool after assessment of their eligibility, and submit the application after receiving the Invitation to Apply.

Errors or mistakes can easily creep in a process spread over many months, especially if you don’t have professional assistance at your disposal. Just make sure you avoid these four mistakes when creating your profile and applying for Express Entry.

1– Inaccurate or Incorrect Submissions in the EE Profile

Your profile is the foundation of your Express Entry application and should never contain any false, incorrect, or inaccurate information.

  • Job duties don’t fit the NOC job title and code? Find the right NOC code that fits your profile.
  • Don’t claim related work experience that was obtained before you completed your degree.
  • Don’t lie about a past criminal record or a gap year in your studies.
  • Make sure the job offer in hand is from an eligible employer for a full-time job with all necessary LMIA approvals.
  • Make sure every single detail included in the EE profile is completely accurate.

The last thing you want is to receive an ITA only to be disqualified for providing false info in your profile.

If you wish to score points for a foreign degree, then you must get an Educational Credential Assessment from an independent service provider and include the same when submitting your Express Entry profile. If you want points for multiple credentials, then you must get ECAs for all your foreign degrees.

2– Seeking Exemption from Language Proficiency Tests

Language tests are compulsory for all EE applicants with no exemptions allowed. Applicants must opt for the CELPIP-General or IELTS-General (not Academic) test for English and TEF for French. Presuming you shall be exempted from these tests may disqualify you from receiving the ITA.

3– Ignoring Changes to Rules and Regulations

With effect from June 27, 2018, those receiving Invitation to Apply shall have just 60 days to complete the application as opposed to 90 days earlier. Ignoring such rule changes can mar your chances of securing Canadian permanent residence despite being eligible for the same.

4– Not Having an Updated EE Profile

Your language test scores are valid for two years only. If you underwent the test again, then your profile should be updated with the latest scores. Similarly, changes to your educational qualifications, work experience, job profile, medical condition, criminal record, or availability of funds must be updated at the earliest.

Since the EE profile cannot be modified after issue of ITA, an outdated profile can lead to avoidable and unnecessary complications.

Completing a successful EE application can be quite a complicated task, which is why having a professional and reputed team of immigration lawyers can prove to be a very wise decision.

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