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We can help in a confidential analysis of your case, assess all available options, and explore the simplest and safest route towards making sure you have the freedom to cross the Canadian border.

Enter Canada with a DUI

A Driving Under Influence (DUI) or drunk driving offense may render you inadmissible into Canada for serious criminality. Post December 2018, an impaired driving offense, irrespective of where it was committed, shall attract maximum penalty of ten years and shall be considered a serious crime for assessing immigration admissibility.

Entering Canada with a DUI conviction can be complex, but it’s far from impossible. You can explore various options after considering factors including:

  • Duration and purpose of your visit
  • When the DUI offense occurred
  • Penalties imposed and overall seriousness of the offense, and
  • Your clean and responsible record since then.

Criminal Record

A criminal conviction may mean you may be criminally inadmissible to settle in or visit Canada. The Canadian government is very strict on this point with conviction for even minor crimes leading to inadmissibility.

As a result, crossing the border can be complex, but is not by any means impossible. Of course, it depends on the nature of the offence, passage of time since conviction, whether you’re deemed rehabilitated, apply for criminal rehabilitation, or apply for record suspension or a discharge. 

You can also explore the option of entering and staying in Canada on a temporary resident permit (TRP) despite your inadmissibility.

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