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Don’t seek asylum – diving into Canada’s visa exemption for Mexicans and the difference between traveling for tourism and immigrating for work. 

For many Mexican citizens aspiring to find rewarding work opportunities abroad, Mexico’s participation in the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) has seemingly positioned the treaty’s key partners – the United States and Canada – as lands of opportunities to establish their professional careers.

In fact, Canada’s favorable residential visa acquisition policy and newly implemented programs created to attract foreign workers have placed the Great White North as an increasingly desirable option for many Mexicans seeking international work over the United States. 

For those wondering about the basics of entering Canada, like whether Mexicans need a visa for Canada or what a Mexican needs to travel to Canada, the short answer is nothing more is needed than a valid passport and an electronic travel authorization (eTA). Since December 2016, all Mexicans entering Canada for non-work related purposes have been  allowed simplified entry into the country thanks to Canada’s current visa exemption for Mexico citizens, so long as they meet the basic admissibility requirements.

But according to recent reports, many Mexicans have taken advantage of Canada’s visa exemptions for Mexican citizens and are overstaying their visa-free entry provisions, many of them claiming asylum to eventually take advantage of Canada’s bustling job market. With more than 11,000 asylum claims made by people traveling to Canada on Mexican passports since the visa exemption was implemented in 2016, this illegal loophole could unfortunately see Canada rescind its currently practiced Mexico visa exemption policy.

There are plenty of legal avenues to find work in Canada and to come to the country with a valid work permit that in many cases can also open opportunities to become a permanent resident and eventually become a Canadian citizen, but things must be done the right way.

If you’re looking for legitimate work from home jobs in Canada or in-person professional opportunities, the time to start planning for your visa application is now. Canada currently has plans to accept more than one million new foreign workers into the country over the next few years, including 500,000 spots slotted for availability in 2025 – so make sure you seize your chance to legally live and work in Canada as a Mexican citizen while it lasts.

Don’t hesitate to consult with our immigration experts to further explore your opportunities for legally residing and working on Canadian soil and to make your personal visa application process as seamless and effective as possible.

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