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The EB-5 Program, for those who might not be familiar, is a popular initiative that grants foreign investors and their immediate families the privilege of obtaining permanent residency in the US. The EB-5 program leads to US permanent residence (i.e. the “green card”) for the applicant, his/her spouse and their children under the age of 21 at the time of filing the application. This status allows a person to live, work and study in the US as a resident and leads to citizenship for those who want it. 

However, it’s not just the end goal of gaining a green card that makes this program so enticing; it’s the additional benefits that come with it.

Discerning investors understand the tremendous advantages the EB-5 Program offers for obtaining US permanent residence. Now is the perfect time to seize the benefits presented by a rising interest environment and unlock an accelerated path to securing a green card within a shorter time frame.

At Exeo Attorneys, we work to represent investors in EB-5 compliant projects that offer fast-track green card acquisition and enhanced benefits in today’s dynamic market. Here’s why this moment is ripe with opportunities:

  1. Rising Interest Environment: In this current climate, developers are offering more generous terms to attract investors. With a keen eye on the market trends, we can advise you on the immigration benefits of EB-5 compliant projects offered by developers who are offering unique benefits and improved returns on your investment so that you may discuss the opportunity with your financial advisors.
  2. Access to Exclusive Projects: We represent investors in multiple projects that benefit from rural designation. We work in collaboration with project developers who go beyond the standard requirements of the EB-5 Program. Their projects often include attractive incentives such as job creation in underserved areas, eligible for the lower 800K investment minimum, and potential expansion into other non-EB5 ventures.
  3. Accelerated Green Card Acquisition: We work with projects strategically designed to streamline the application process, significantly reducing the time required to obtain your green card. While the typical timeline is around 3.5 years, the projects’ designations that we carefully identify are eligible for priority processing, potentially enabling you to secure your permanent residence in a shorter time frame, within less than a year. We also assist our clients with fast track temporary mobility strategies to accelerate their relocation process to the US.
  4. Expert Guidance: With our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the EB-5 Program, we provide personalized guidance tailored to your investment objectives. We will assist you in navigating the intricacies of project selection, immigration strategy, and ensuring a smooth application process.


Criteria for the EB-5 Program: Investing in Your Future

The EB-5 Program lays out clear criteria that prospective investors need to meet in order to qualify for US permanent residence. Here’s a breakdown of the key requirements:

Investment Amount: Job Creation: Source of Funds:Criminal Record Check: 
As an investor, you need to commit a minimum of USD 800,000 in a qualified project located within the United States. The investment you make must lead to the creation of at least 10 full-time jobs within the US economy. It’s crucial that the origin of the funds you’re investing comes from a legal and legitimate source. While there are no stringent language or education criteria, individuals with a criminal record may face inadmissibility issues. 

This investment opens the door to not only the pursuit of US permanent residence but also the chance to make a positive impact on the US economy and yours.

We invite you to schedule a meeting with our team to explore how our expertise can help you obtain a fast-track green card through exclusive projects within the EB-5 Program. Reach out to us directly at info@exeo.ca.

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss how we can enhance your EB-5 investment experience and expedite your journey towards US permanent residence.

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